Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fluffy Bunnies!!

Fluffy bunnies. That's right fluffy bunnies. This is a post dedicated to all the fantastic lovable things about fluffy bunnies.

1. They're FLUFFY.

Aww!! Look at it!! It's so fwuffy!! There is no possible way in the world that you can be unhapy looking at the severe onslaught of fluffiness coming from this bunny. It doesnt need an entire philosophical rant describing why the fluffiness is good, or what the fluffiness is... one just knows that it is fluffy, and it is cute.

2. They're BUNNIES.

Did bunnies ever hurt anybody?? Did they ever make anybody feel bad?? Is there a grand bunny conspiracy to bring down the entirety of humanity? I THINK NOT. Bunnies are pure goodness in little bunny balls of beauty.


What's better than a fluffy bunny? TWO FLUFFY BUNNIES.

4. Other cute animals love fluffy bunnies too!

Aww, they're BEST FRIENDS. :)

There you have it folks. Fluffy bunnies. No complex thought needed. Just look and love cute fluffy bunnies!!

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