Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Oh look at me, I'm a system slut"

"Mweeehhhhh I'm a system slut. I drive to my 9-5 corporate slave labor (being a slave makes me better than you) in my broom broom money black hole planned obsolescence transport machine (which having makes me better than you). I never question authority mweeehhhh (obedience to an immaterial norm makes me better than you). I blow all my money on booze to make me forget the lifeless black hole I live in (living in a black hole makes me better than you). I live paycheck to paycheck, ewwww what do you mean you're living beneath your means to save money for contrivances like overseas experiences EWWWWWW (Being a slip up away from bankruptcy makes me better than you). I gave up my dreams to push pens because the system patted me on the head while it invited me in for a good session of forced system sodomy (giving up on my dreams makes me better than you).

Ewwww philosophy what's that?? Meaning of life ewwwww, you think about that stuff? (Blindly accepting consensus reality makes me better than you). Mweeehhhh, I can't believe you like, think about things, I do whatever the system tells me to Mweeehhhh. (Not thinking about things makes me better than you.) No I won't stop to consider people's possible situations before rushing to judgement, that takes EFFORT and INTEGRITY (having no integrity and rushing to judgement makes me better than you.)

I know EVERYTHING that's worth knowing about anything because I got an A in my indoctrination degree mweeehhhhh. (Living in a fishbowl and thinking its the whole universe makes me better than you.) LOOK AT ME I'M LIKE EVERYONE ELSE MWEEEHHHHH. YOU'RE NOT SO I MUST BE BETTER THAN YOU MWEEEHHHHH."

People, you're a seething morass of indiffirent conformity, and judging someone for doing things differently only places a giant spiritual icon over your head isolating you throughout the cosmos for the ignorant chum bucket you are. Thank you, and have a nice day.