Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Rant About Reproductive Terrorism

I was cruisily surfing my facebook profile today and noticed a link to a video of a Dad sending a message to his daughter. Apparently, she had posted a disrespectful ranting note on facebook about her parents and their unreasonable expectations, and the Dad had found it. He proceeded to whip out his gun (AH HYUK!! MA!! GET MA SHOTGUN!!) and put some bullets into her laptop.

This was followed a slew of commenters from parents, recounting how "Life is hard, it sucks and it's unfair and she needed to learn that."

As always, I do enjoy pointing out unstated philosophical assumptions that motivate people...

So let's go back to the birth of all these children here. Presumably back then these parents knew that life supposedly was hard, unjust, unfair and sucks. Presumably back then they knew it was a vile cauldron of misery that only bred slavery and 9/5 monetary despair. (This is just going based on the comments, none of my opinion at all here :P) They knew all this and STILL decided to fire out these lives into the world. Good job, by your own fucking standards you've just perpetrated reproductive terrorism on those poor souls. Those kids were probably blissfully surfing the intergalactic netherworlds before you called them forth into the slave pit presumably to meet your own needs of companionship or some other such bull pucky reason. So point your fingers squarely at yourselves fuckwits because what you are in effect saying is something like: "I brought them here, into a dictatorial hellpit of injustice and squallor, without asking them if this was okay. Now to adjust them to this reality, I will infect a regime of parental dictatorial injustice. It's for their own good you know." Gee, you are a model citizen aren't you? A model citizen who blindly goes around and makes all your major life decisions without even stopping to consult YOUR OWN DAMN ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT THEM.

Of course, if you are one who believes life is beautiful, and every experience is a magical opportunity for conscious beings to flourish, by all means BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY. Because congratulations to you, you are NOT in fact, a walking contradiction on stilts made of self denying turds.

And parents with complex health disorders they are 100% likely to pass on to their kids who have them anyway... don't get me fucking started on you. "But I want a kid... WAHHHH." Well I want to punch you in the face, but I'm not DOING IT AM I? No. I rest my case nitwits.

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