Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a weird ass dream

I was some sort of superhero figure, although one with hardly any renown whatsoever from what I can gather. I came across a gang of miscreants on a speedboat racing into shore. They plowed it onto the beach right through some unsuspecting swimmers and came to a stop. They all got out and went to a cliff overlooking the water where a giant purple humanoid water beast which is apparently their leader emerged from the depths. I decided that I needed to fight and defeat this water beast so I flew into the air and began to rain down energy blasts (more like energy pellets onto the thing, which submerged beneath the waves.
Strangely I had the knowledge that I wasn’t going to beat the thing, but it wasn’t going to kill me either and the goal became merely to put on a good show before it pretended to finish me off(maybe me and the water beast had some sort of deal on the side, I only know what it felt like at the time). I summoned some larger energy blasts and fired them from high above down into the water creating awesome gushing fountains blasting into the sky. I could never make the blasts quite as big as I wanted to though, which is symptomatic of any dream where I have powers that I’ve ever had. I got off one good blast right into the creatures mouth which wounded him and caused him to cough gunk from his throat all over me. There was one really weird part where I was so high in the air, like unbelievably high from earth standards clinging onto a pillar that jutted out from somewhere and thinking that if this wasn’t a dream I’d be sure to fall off here and die horribly. Weird sort of dream within a dream moment there.
The waterbeast eventually caught me and I formed an energy blast over its mouth as it drug me around. The next part skips out and I find myself back in the woods with an axe. Strange. Oh well, first good dream I’ve had in a long while!

Any interpretations as to the deep revealed meanings from my subconscious of this dream? :P

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