Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pop Tart Cat: A Philosophical Discourse

First... watch the video.


ALL OF IT. TWICE. Now return to me.

The constant movement of the Nyan Cat through space represents the futility of the human endeavour. Ever onwards we progress, yet seem to only find the same poorly rendered CGI life experiences as before. The rainbow trailing behind represe...nts our hope, and the fact that our nostalgia is always making our past experiences appear better and brighter than they were as we plow onwards into the nothingness ahead. The Poptart represents our inner need for spiritual sustinence. There is a part of us that longs to sup delicately at a spiritual body that nurtures us, and sets us free from this languid myopia. The cat is our inner feline... always curious, yet never knowing what the fuck is truly going on.

Finally, The constant accelerated repeating of 'Nyan' sounds is reminscent of the level of discourse that society operates on, so many words being shot out into space from all over the planet, yet all saying the same thing... 'Nyan' which is actually ancient Judaic script for 'Nothing'.

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