Sunday, April 17, 2011

Many Thank Yous

Okay bear with me guys, this one will be somewhat long and involved. Do you know the single number one thing that people in this world do not do enough of? Tell people in their life that they are awesome. There needs to be more of this... and so I'm starting a trend. In the dark hours of my sickness and sadness, I am writing this to make myself and hopefully others feel better :)

First and foremost... I want ZERO attention paid to the order of the names. If you know me well you should know that ranking people in any way, shape, or form is not something that I believe in. And second of all, if you read this and talk to me, I want you to only comment on YOUR entry and not the entries I have given to others. Cause if you ask about any one but your own... I ain't going to elucidate :P So without further ado... here is my list of thank yous. And just cause this thought popped into my head, just because I'm doing this doesnt mean I'm going anywhere or changing anything in my life!! You still have to put up with my useless ass!! :P And please note, that I am mostly including only those who I know have a good chance of reading this. Hang not your head in shame if you are not mentioned, because I do love you too. Bank on it.

David Stewart: For being the aptly named Rock for so many years. For being someone I always could have the faith would be consistent, unwavering and still right there with me if we hadnt seen each other or talked for one day, one month, one year or one century. For putting up with my weird ass crap on a regular basis. For being awesome, and treating me the same every day when I needed consistency the most.

Ashleigh Stewart: For giving me the regard, the time and the awe inspiring care and trust that I never dreamt I would receive. For letting me help, and for making me feel like my presence meant something. For being perhaps the only one on this list that I know I dont have to write anything about here and they would still know everything I could ever say to them and have it not be a surprise.

Nicole Lovesy: For making me feel like the fact that we both have the same last name doesn't matter at all and that we would be best friends regardless. For all the effort you put into understanding my weird ways and for the amazing job you have done in accepting everything I say or do. For the times I could forget everything and just laugh mindlessly at random crap. Living in this mind is a 24/7 job, thanks for blowing the horn and giving me my breaks.

Ben Lawrence: For defining what it is that a friend should be, even when I was an ass and not knowing what the hell I was doing. For being the well needed other dimension to me for so many years, for your involvement in being there and helping create some of the best times of my life, don't think I don't know, remember or appreciate every last one. And of course, for agreeing with me on the grand percentage of my philosophical positions... that always helps endear me to someone :P

Ben Cook: For taking the piss out of me on a regular basis!!! haha That is only half kidding. But seriously, for being perhaps the only one who has been there or thereabouts consistently for 10 years now without any lapses, fights or breaks. It takes someone special to put up with my ass for that long. Keep hammering me buddy... you know I need it... otherwise I might start taking myself seriously ;)

Lisa Couzens: For being the beautiful, genuine person that you are. For being the first 'real' girl to give me regard, kindness and value me as a person way back when, I won't forget it. For the gift of knowing that you'll always be there and that distance or time doesn't matter... although I'm working on it ;)

Kathryn Oliver: For keeping me on my toes and giving me a challenge!! No seriously, for giving me the gift unparalleled of forgiving my transgressions and stupidity and for somehow still thinking of me as an awesome, worthwhile person through it all. For knowing where I'm coming from, and for always seeing the good in me. For that smile that you gave me everytime that couldn't help but make me feel that in your eyes I was not little old me but some Greek god or something everytime you saw me. I should pay you money for that or something, but I'd be broke in two weeks. :P

Emma Wilkin: In a way, nobody put up with more crap out of me than you! Thank you for making my uni years the best ones of my life, and for being the more beautiful, less awkward half of our invincible two man team, dont worry, even though you said you do, you don't owe me half of your degree ;). For your unforgettable presence, friendship and perhaps the enduring of more hours with me than anyone else. There is always an Emma shaped room in my heart.

Troy Nuske: For being Australian, and still being cool. What a monumental achievement that is!! For having the best taste in music of anyone I've ever met. For when I met you for the first time and felt like I had been friends with you my whole life. For giving me a place to go to whenever I'm in Sydney... for being awesome.

Michelle Nuske: For being Troy's infinitely better half. :) For trusting me enough to tell me things I doubt other people would... you know what I'm talking about here haha ;) For giving me the same feeling as Troy did, the feeling that I had known you all my life, when I was just meeting you for the first time. I honestly want the South Sydney Rabbitohs to win a premiership before my Warriors, because I care and wish you all the happiness in the world.

Mum: Mum I know you will somehow find a way to read this, because you're always stalking my online activities :P Relax, I'm kidding. Thank you for everything. You know I wouldn't even have a list of people to thank if it werent for you, and that gives you the biggest thanks of all.

And to all my new and old friends not mentioned here, who are just coming into the minefield of my life. You go here, because I've got to give you guys something to aim for... graduating into the main list!! The rest of my family at home or abroad. My friends from overseas, in particular Gillian and Juelles; who remind me that I really have more beautiful women in my life than I can shake a stick at. All my friends from high school and uni. My work family Nitin and Nikita, and my surrogate brother and sister and also my favourite students Pooja and Bhavin. You all are the sine qua non of my existence. Seriously... go look it up.


  1. [quote]For when I met you for the first time and felt like I had been friends with you my whole life.[/quote]

    Yeah that!!! Has been an almost awesome decade! Stay cool man, and dont forget my taste in music is still better :)

  2. As long as you enjoy 'As Long as I ride' by Spock's Beard, I rest assured that will never ever be the case ;)