Saturday, April 23, 2011

Love children.

Love Child Number One:

Juelles Chester
Can we name our love child Dreamz? You know what I'm talking about.

Scott Lovesy You give me a love child and believe me, you can name it whatever you see fit ;)

Juelles Chester I'm just kidding, he was already born and I already named him Dreamz.

Scott Lovesy Two questions... one... does he have to have the 'z' on the end?? ;) And two... does he have my eyes?? If not, I'm going to require another one.

Juelles Chester I am truly disappointed you would even inquire about the "z". Yes, that's what's going to make our son stand out. He doesnt have your eyes but he does have your wicked sense of humor and a baffling obsession with watching trashy reality shows about people stuck on islands and such.

Scott Lovesy As long as he doesn't inherit his mother's Jersey Shore obsession... I'm down. ;)

Juelles Chester Oh no you diiiin't!!!!! Gee whiz.

Scott Lovesy Uh oh... now you're going to increase demands for child support ;)

Love Child Number Two:

Scott Lovesy
Can we name our other love child that you left over here with me 'The Little Situation'?? You know what I'm talking about.

Scott Lovesy I just want to take him to a ball game, let him get lost so that the ground announcer has to say "I've got a little situation up here".

Juelles Chester Not gonna lie, I totally laughed my ass off at that last sentence. I can't believe you guys even have TV over on that island.

Juelles Chester My father is going to read that post and call me in five minutes to say .. WHATS THIS SITUATION ?!

Scott Lovesy It's a little situation ;)

Scott Lovesy Oh God Yes... someone frame this comment thread for future reference!!

Juelles Chester In addition I'm mildly horrified that you've had him over there for so long and still havent given him a name. Typical Kiwis!!!!

Scott Lovesy Well to be honest most of the time I have him up in the attic and I kind of forget he's there. I do feed him a bowl of fish heads once a week though.

Juelles Chester Haaaahhhhhahahahahahaha, you are so awesome. I'm really happy I know you.

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