Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Great Europe Excursion Part One

Yeah well that flight sucks. I really can't get across how much that flight sucks. 3.5 hours from auckland to Sydney Australia, then 2 hours wait there. 14 hours Sydney to Dubai, then 4 hours wait there. Finally 7 hours Dubai to London for a quote total of 30.5 fuck off hours of which I probably actually slept about 3. Whoo!!

Anyway, since I just woke up from a 13 hour sleep from my first night in lovely Battersea London (just around the road from some lovely street gangs and hovels apparently according to Nicole :P) this first part will not contain that much actual excitement. It's just laying the foundations if you will for all the excitement to come.

Well, Dubai airport was pretty huge, and pretty goddamn expensive looking. Basically it looked like the god of consumerism and materialism had a giant wank and splooged the airport all over the place. However, I kind of liked it. That might be the 14 hour flight beforehand talking, but maybe even I have a certain fondness for over excessive shiny flatulence. I also continued my McDonalds world tour that I began when I was last in Europe 3 years ago (ate the golden arches in London, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Austria and Slovakia then :P) by adding Dubai to the list. Dubai Mcdonalds impressed me greatly, instantly rocketting into the top 3 international McDonalds I have ever tasted :P

So basically, the flight sucked, and I almost died. Today I am going to Borough markets or words to that effect, where I will likely be exposed to Nicole's fiendish shopping antics and the rest of me will be finished off. Hopefully you'll see a part two... if not, you'll know what's happened. :P

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