Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Grab Bag of Self Refuting Bullcrap

I read this online and loved every single bit of it. Enjoy it for me too.

A “Grab Bag” of Self-Refuting Positions

by Talk| on January 30, 2010

In his Introduction to Logic, Harry Gensler defines a self-refuting statement as “[A] statement that makes negative claims so sweeping that it ends up denying itself.” [1] In other words, it results when an argument or position is undercut by its own criteria (An example of this would be saying, “I cannot speak a word of English” in English). Off the top of my head and in no particular order, here’s a grab-bag of several self-refuting positions which I’ve documented over the years:

1. Truth does not exist (Is that a true statement?)
2. Nothing is absolute (Is that absolutely true?)
3. I do not exist (You must exist to deny that you exist)
4. Science is the only way to know (Can you scientifically prove that?)
5. Only what can be perceived by the five senses exists (Can you prove that by the five senses?)
6. Nobody can know anything for sure (Do you know that for sure?)
7. Nobody can know anything about God (How do you know that?)
8. Talk about God is meaningless (Since it is a statement about God, this statement is meaningless too)
9. Reality is just your interpretation, objective reality does not exist (That’s just your interpretation)
10. “‘Everything we think and do is the function of our genes/nervous system’”: Is this belief itself just the result of genetic/neutral activity? If so, why trust it — or any belief we have? If your belief happens to be right, it’s just by accident”
11. There are no beliefs (You expect me to believe that?)
12. Everything is meaningless (So is that statement)

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