Sunday, March 6, 2011

Next time someone tells you...

There are a lot of stupid ass ideas out there, masquerading as serious intellectual opinions that actually carry weight. Some of them need to die and die quickly.

Things like...

1. "There is no such thing as absolute truth"

And I say to that... IS THAT TRUE??? And crack up maniacally.

Because if it's true... then IT'S WRONG. And if it's false... THEN IT'S WRONG. And if it's neither true nor false... THEN IT'S USELESS PROCLAIMING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

2. "All truth is relative"

Oh sweet mercy. Let me point this out to you. "All truth is relative" IS NOT A RELATIVE STATEMENT. Go sit in the corner and try to make statements that don't disprove themselves.

3. "The only reliable form of knowledge is science"

Ahem. And how exactly did you reach this conclusion?? Because the supposition that the only reliable form of knowledge is science, IS NOT VERIFIABLE BY SCIENCE. What experiment did you run to come to this conclusion?? What controls did you have in place?? Did you control for the fact that you're a fucking knob jockey?

4. "All faith is stupid. I don't have faith I use my reason."

Oh you sad, sad sack of shit. You DON'T have faith?? Funny, because I could have sworn that you did...

I could have sworn that you have FAITH that your reason is an accurate source of truth value. I could have sworn you have FAITH that truth is attainable by your mental faculties and you're not living in the Matrix or some dream world. I could have sworn that you have FAITH in the unverifiable ASSUMPTION that faith is stupid. And worst of all... I could have sworn that you have FAITH that you exist, have a mind and are a functioning human entity. All these things being totally unverifiable by any standard you want to throw on the table. Because any means you try to verify them will include ASSUMPTIONS that one has to take on FAITH. So I'll make you a deal. I'll agree with you just as soon as you demonstrate (some fucking how) that every single thing that every single mind in every single instance of the history of the universe has had faith in is wrong. Oh wait... you can't even do ONE.

Isn't it hilarious and sad, how these four things that have been so easily demolished are pretty much the foundation that modern Western society is based on?? No wonder this world is such a pathetic sack of fecal matter.

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