Monday, March 14, 2011

Ohhh.... OUCH.

"The ultimate irony is that this philosophy implies that Darwinism itself is just another meme, competing in the infectivity sweepstakes by attaching itself to that seductive word "science." Dawkins ceaselessly urges us to be rational, but he does so in the name of a philosophy that implies that no such thing as rationality exists because our thoughts are at the mercy of our genes and memes. The proper conclusion is that the Dawkins poor brain has been infected by the Darwin meme, a virus of the mind if ever there was one, and we wonder if he will ever be able to find the cure." ~ Phillip Johnson

Ohhh OUCH. That may be one of the very best pithy quotes I've ever come across in obliterating the shallow mud hut of materialism, and it's lead intellectually vacuous swamp thing Richard Dawkins.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Crowning Achievement of My LIFE.

Today I have reached the pinnacle ladies and gentlemen... it's all downhill from here. Look, and BEAR WITNESS!!

Rob Cesternino
We talked with Stephen Fishbach about his visit to the Celebrity Apprentice pizza parlor / asylum on the world's one and only Celebrity Apprentice podcast!
The One & Only Celebrity Apprentice Podcast is Back
Rob Has a Podcast - Rob Cesternino talks to Stephen Fishbach about Celebrity Apprentice 4 & Survivor winner Richard Hatch, Gary Busey, Lisa Rina, David Cassidy
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Scott Lovesy Stephen is the best guest you've ever had on...never get tired of hearing him, cant wait to listen :)
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Randy Bailey Lucky for you Scott it appears he will now be on every week. WTF?
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Dave Hunter and Courtney too!(?)!
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Rob Cesternino Randy, there's always a spot for you on the podcast couch. You want back on sometime?
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Rob Cesternino Randy, I'm perfectly okay if you want to talk Celebrity Apprentice instead of Survivor too.
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Randy Bailey Let me should I put this? NO! But give me a call anytime and we can talk about anything you desire off the air.
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Scott Lovesy I think Rob and Stephen secretly are more than just friends, and this accounts for the frequency of Stephen appearances... ;)
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Ryan Eschauzier Downloading now! Nice.
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In case you're confused... what this is is me commenting on the link of ROB CESTERNINO (Survivor Amazon and all Stars, greatest player ever) and being 'liked' by STEPHEN FISHBACH (Survivor Tocantins, second place winner) and being addressed by name by RANDY BAILEY (Survivor Gabon, best villain ever).

Ladies and gentlemen it doesn't get much better than this :P

Monday, March 7, 2011

Friedrich Nietzsche: Cocksucker Extraordinaire

This fucker has been coming up a lot lately for some reason... so I thought it would do me good to viciously rant against him and everything he stands for :P

Alright since the fucking name 'Nieztsche' is such a fucking hassle to type over and over again this German wart on the face of creation will henceforth be known only as 'Freddy'.

"In Daybreak Nietzsche begins his "Campaign against Morality".[49] He calls himself an "immoralist" and harshly criticizes the prominent moral schemes of his day: Christianity, Kantianism, and utilitarianism. In Ecce Homo Nietzsche called the establishment of moral systems based on a dichotomy of good and evil a "calamitous error",[50] and wished to initiate a re-evaluation of the values of the Judeo-Christian world.[51] He indicates his desire to bring about a new, more naturalistic source of value in the vital impulses of life itself.

In both these works, Nietzsche's genealogical account of the development of master-slave morality occupies a central place. Nietzsche presents master-morality as the original system of morality—perhaps best associated with Homeric Greece. Here, value arises as a contrast between good and bad, or between 'life-affirming' and 'life-denying': wealth, strength, health, and power, the sort of traits found in a Homeric hero, count as good; while bad is associated with the poor, weak, sick, and pathetic, the sort of traits conventionally associated with slaves in ancient times."

Okay, so basically all that says that this calamitous fuckwit said that any moral system based on a juxtaposition of 'good and bad' is flawed and then... you guessed it... goes on to outline a preferred moral system based on his own arbitrary definition of good and bad. Oh fuck me.

Do you want to live in this Freddy world?? Remarkably some people actually DO. They are usually the ones built like Greek Gods with egos the size of continents who think their bulging muscles, strength and social acumen classify them as the elite of existence somehow. Either them, or maybe even worse; the weak, broken down people who are actually weak as all fuck but like to think they're Greek adonises. Wow, that's like a double whammy of suck right there.

Meanwhile, here was I, living in my weak 'needs to be exterminated according to Freddy' body believing that loving others and not trying to break the necks of those I disagree with might be a productive strategy. What do I know? I'm the enfeebled one who needs to be Freddy exterminated :P

It's somewhat ironic that he wants a 'naturalistic' source of value when, if we accept naturalism or its evil twin materialism (the view that there is only nature and natural forces and nothing transcendent operates anywhere ever), we don't even have a viable reason for believing our brains to be accurate in perceiving the world around us let alone defining what value we should be attaching to our lives!! (As Alvin Plantinga has so adequately demonstrated)

So basically all that we are left with is that Freddy thinks morals should be based on individual 'perspective'. Well if that is so, I have an individual perspective, and that is that Freddy's perspective is A HEAPING LOAD OF TURD. And since according to his own definition noone's 'perspective' is of any more worth than any other, looks like Freddy is fucking shit out of luck.

And how did Freddy's story end? He went mad, started pissing and shitting in the streets, yelling out gibberish in his underwear in the town square until the syphillis that he got while out being a 'perspectivist' finally brought him down. Hmm... somehow apt really.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some more reading on the matter...

Here is an article to go with the last post.

Are YOU... blinded by scientism??

Next time someone tells you...

There are a lot of stupid ass ideas out there, masquerading as serious intellectual opinions that actually carry weight. Some of them need to die and die quickly.

Things like...

1. "There is no such thing as absolute truth"

And I say to that... IS THAT TRUE??? And crack up maniacally.

Because if it's true... then IT'S WRONG. And if it's false... THEN IT'S WRONG. And if it's neither true nor false... THEN IT'S USELESS PROCLAIMING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

2. "All truth is relative"

Oh sweet mercy. Let me point this out to you. "All truth is relative" IS NOT A RELATIVE STATEMENT. Go sit in the corner and try to make statements that don't disprove themselves.

3. "The only reliable form of knowledge is science"

Ahem. And how exactly did you reach this conclusion?? Because the supposition that the only reliable form of knowledge is science, IS NOT VERIFIABLE BY SCIENCE. What experiment did you run to come to this conclusion?? What controls did you have in place?? Did you control for the fact that you're a fucking knob jockey?

4. "All faith is stupid. I don't have faith I use my reason."

Oh you sad, sad sack of shit. You DON'T have faith?? Funny, because I could have sworn that you did...

I could have sworn that you have FAITH that your reason is an accurate source of truth value. I could have sworn you have FAITH that truth is attainable by your mental faculties and you're not living in the Matrix or some dream world. I could have sworn that you have FAITH in the unverifiable ASSUMPTION that faith is stupid. And worst of all... I could have sworn that you have FAITH that you exist, have a mind and are a functioning human entity. All these things being totally unverifiable by any standard you want to throw on the table. Because any means you try to verify them will include ASSUMPTIONS that one has to take on FAITH. So I'll make you a deal. I'll agree with you just as soon as you demonstrate (some fucking how) that every single thing that every single mind in every single instance of the history of the universe has had faith in is wrong. Oh wait... you can't even do ONE.

Isn't it hilarious and sad, how these four things that have been so easily demolished are pretty much the foundation that modern Western society is based on?? No wonder this world is such a pathetic sack of fecal matter.