Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nouns for the Mindless Drones

Society is composed of 99% mindless drones and 1% people who are depressed about being around mindless drones. So here is an impromptu list of words for these conformists for you to use next time you are bombarded with their insipidness. All of which I have used at some point or another.

Sheep, Drones, Mongoloids, Patsies, Zombies, Fish heads, Troglodytes, Hobgoblins, Robots, Programs, Clones, Borewhores, Geese, Conformatics, Neurotics, Bluepills, Pissants, Pigs, Goats, Ducks, Switch heads, Automatons, Blankers, Probes, Gargoyles, Mudbrains, Cowards, Workers, Guppies, Philosophically Lame Shit for Brains, Bubblegum Gobblers, Sugar bees, Mainstream whores, Putzes, Morons, Douchebags, Idiots, Mindsluts, Weakknees, Wafflers, Boneheads, Numbskulls, Oblivatrons, Cogs, Wheels, Gears, Anonymous Henchmen, Facehuggers, Bottom feeders, Crawlers, Pill poppers, Sludgers, Conformasluts, Mudpuppies, Viruses, Binary bits, Lemmings, Replicators and Pop weasels.

As a post script to this I must add that I really love people. ;)

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