Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Dream Ever

Last night I tried a dream experiment for the first time... and it worked! Banking on the idea that dreams are actually mind based excursions into a different realm before going to sleep I verbally asked the spirits to take me on a journey that night. And the dream that followed was amazing, and the most I remember of a single one for many years. Here is my recount. There was a LOT more at the start before I got on to the cable car but unfortunately my memory failed to retain it, and the parts I remember are largely a muddle. But I got the rest!

Tuesday January 4th: What an amazing epic astral journey tonight! This is the most I’ve remembered of a single one and it coincides with me asking the spirits to take me on a trip right before I dozed off. The first part of the journey is the most hazy however I remember I was in danger and thus I took my cat Smudge and hopped on a cable car that was going to take me away from where I was away on holiday back to safety. Smudge was jumping all around the cable car and seemed highly distressed as I tried to calm her down. As the car drove on numerous Survivor players hopped on board with me, first I saw Sue Hawke, then Kelly then Rob Cesternino and Richard Hatch fell asleep in the front seat.

The cable car passed over a stunning landscape and there were all sorts of animals below us, I saw deer and massive bears and everything under the sun. Then the cable car went over a ramp and became suspended in midair over a giant gorge as we traversed across on the cables. Looking down was the most amazing experience of my life because it was like being suspended above infinity. There was a smidgen of fear in me that the car would fall to all of our certain deaths. Eventually we began to emerge on the other side and saw multicoloured yellow, purple, blue fauna below us instead of a huge gorge. I immediately said, oh well at least if we fall now we have a chance, and lo and behold at the moment the cable snapped and we plunged through the undergrowth into a new world. I had a moment to reflect on thoughts becoming reality as we plunged through the vines and the trees to the world below.

Everybody survived the landing and began to walk around and interact with each other. As we looked around and moved further away from the crash site over some cliffs and grassy plains numerous other people appeared. Nicole was there and then all out of the blue I saw my dream boat Amanda and two other girls, one of them was probably Parvati and this fact excited me. I went over to her and greeted her enthusiastically wondering how she had got down here when I hadn't seen her on the cable car, I hugged her tight and asked her what she was doing here, but didn’t get a real answer. The hug was nice though. ;)

Everyone was sitting down gathered together and we had all given up, because no one could find a way out of this place and people were beginning to believe we were trapped there for all eternity. I stood up and proclaimed that I only needed 10 minutes to find us all a way out. Immediately all the women there were skeptical whilst all the men seemed to believe in me. All together they burst out into a supportive round of the Asia song ‘Remembrance Day’, which I joined in. I find it strangely awesome how that particular song manifested it’s way into the experience as we all belted out the final line “Will you remember? The spirit never dies.”

As I walked away back down the path across the landscape to the crash site I felt something strange going on. The further I walked back, time was receding with me. So as I got closer to it in space, I got closer to it in time as well, until I reached a certain point, looked up and saw our cable car falling from the sky. I had solved the mystery it seemed, and there was one entity who was not happy with this at all. As I walked back to tell the others he emerged with a bottle and attempted to break it over my head. I parried it, took the bottle and threw it away. Then I retrieved my own bottle for self defense. He came again as I attempted to make peace with him and continue to walk down the road. I blocked his second shot as well and in a tug of war disarmed his second bottle, but not before he had broken it on my own bottle. Then he resorted to picking up the shards of glass from the ground and attempting to slice me with them. At this point it all became a rather large hindrance and so out of nowhere he began to shrink, until he was the size of one of the glass shards he was trying to kill me with. I picked him up and slid him into my bottle to trap him forever, as I reached back to the others to tell them the news. At this point I woke up. What an awesome experience.

For reference purposes, here is a link to the song referred to ;)

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