Monday, December 13, 2010

Who is Insane?? Me or The World?

Welcome to a momentous event. There comes a time in every person like me's life, when they look out at the world and says "Wow... me and the average Joe Schmo Society Bot are pretty much complete opposites." Obviously this would imply that I am a freak because there are a whole fuckload more of them then there are of me. This would be true. BUT. If me and the world are opposites, then that would imply that one of us is sane, and one of us is insane. Which begs the question, who is sane... me or the world??

Obviously I would be an improper and biased judge of such a question. Thus I shall call upon the wisdom of the eternal ipod, imbued with knowledge and truth. There are different categories and issues which I shall be presenting the views of myself and The World, and then I will fire up the ipod's shuffle function and the first song title that comes up will decide whose point of view is sane and whose is insane. Whichever point of view is best supported in the song title wins. So let's get to it.

ISSUE ONE (Desires in Life)

Me: What do I want?? To love others unconditionally.

The World: What do I want?? Oh my gosh dude! A squillion dollars for one thing!! Flat screen tv... yacht... private jet, maybe a helicopter. A bevvy of hot chicks/guys or maybe just one who will do everything I say. They had better damn well shut up too, I don't want no jip. A mansion. Hells yeah. Maybe some bling. Maybe we can sum it all up by saying that I want STUFF STUFF STUFF!! WHOO! SHORT SIGHTEDNESS!

THE DECISION: 'Everlasting' by Dark the Suns

Since nothing that the World has listed is everlasting, obviously the ipod is favouring my sanity in this one.

Scott: 1, The World: 0

ISSUE TWO (The best part about being human)

Scott: The greatest human invention is music. I will also accept literature, films or art as a correct and worthy answer to this question.

The World: The greatest human invention is whatever helps make my existence that little bit more easy. As long as I don't have to think, I'm all good! Cellphones baby. Fucking auto text function FOR THE WIN! Typing out full words is so passee! Now the phone tells me what I want to say and condenses it to some abomination of a contraction. Now if only they'd invent something that did my housework for me, and peed for me, and got my mail for me. Oh, I forgot money. I love money!!

THE DECISION: 'Soul Society' by Kamelot.

Well this is a difficult one to determine. My perspective certainly has more soul... but the world is definitely the Society. Call it a draw!

Scott: 2, The World: 1

ISSUE THREE (The Purpose of Life)

Me: Philosophically speaking, the issue of the purpose of life depends upon both the existence of God and the existence of some form of afterlife. Don't fucking argue with me because I can demonstrate this fact. If life is not eternal then it is TEMPORAL, ie: limited in time. If life is TEMPORAL, then all possible purpose attached to it is also TEMPORAL. A temporal life can not have lasting purpose. Let's say you discover something historic that changes the face of human existence. That would be a lasting purpose to your life right, even if you're not around forever to witness it? Uh, no. Because eventually the sun will burn out, humanity will either perish or move on and eventually and inevitably will die out. At this point any purpose attached to your life is moot and redundant. This point is fairly unanimous amongst philosophers. Good thing that there is bountiful evidence for survival of consciousness after death and solid rigorous arguments in favour of God, plus, materialistic atheism collapses under its only self contradictions. Why haven't you heard of this? Because you were too busy worrying about your hair extensions or that turbo engine you want to buy. Anyway, I take the purpose of life, if indeed there is one to be a progression towards a state of pure love, a learning experience in the school of Earthly hard knocks, because if you can actually achieve pure love here, you can probably make it anywhere.

The World: Probably some worthless bilge along the lines of "The purpose of life is to have FUN!". As I have already demonstrated, attributing such things to be an actual purpose of life is spurious at best. On your useless presumed materialist worldview (I have noticed most people are de facto materialists, in that they are materialists but dont know it, and tend to be shocked when you point out how ridiculous materialism actually is) in 200 years nobody will care that you had fun, least of all your extinct ass. Really The World here has two choices, deny all purpose and embrace existential despair or do some homework and open your mind to possibilities. OF course, The World will do neither and continue to meander along in fantasy land proclaiming the purpose of life to be to enjoy oneself, or to make as much money as possible or any other useless badly thought out contrivance.

THE DECISION: 'Dancing with Eternal Glory' by Transatlantic.

No shit!! That really just came up first go! Perfect! Obviously there is something to be said for divine intervention after all.

Scott: 3 The World: 1

ISSUE FOUR (Human relationships)

Me: Should be based on love and freedom. Restrictions are only limitations of self and expressions of fear. You will never have true security, even in marriage so stop pretending its possible and take it as it comes. Respect differences, do not punish them. Be honest. Don't conceal things.

The World: Apparently should be based on fear and restriction. Restrictions are safety nets to protect you from getting hurt! Security is POSSIBLE as long as you keep your partner under the gun on a regular basis and threaten them with losing half their possessions if they transgress! Punish differences, do not respect them. Lie to keep the peace. Conceal pretty much everything. Out of fear.

THE DECISION: 'Fearless' by Sylvan. Divinity appears once again, thank you Mr. Ipod ;)

FINAL SCORE: Scott 4, The World 1

There you have it, the world is nutso crazy. I feel vindicated. :)

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