Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chance and Randomness Can Get Fucked

This is a strange one from me, but it is necessary. Today I am going to rant about the FUCKING BONEHEADED bilge that has infiltrated nearly every mainstream academic publication that I read that the explanation of pretty much fucking everything is 'Time, Chance and Randomness'. Why life originated on earth? Chance. Why organisms evolved? Randomness and time. Why there's a universe in the fucking first place? Randomness. Chance.

Get fucked. Seriously, get fucked and die. CHANCE IS AN EXPLANATION OF NOTHING. STOP PRETENDING IT IS. It is an intellectual copout and a way of fucking appearing intelligent when in fact by postulating fucking chance and randomness all you're saying is "Yeah we have no fucking idea of the causes involved here. But still, give us our research money, tomorrow we're going to allocate something else fundamental to our existence to random happenstance!! Yay Science!!"

I must apologise for getting technical with some maths... but it is unavoidable. Physicist Roger Penrose estimates the chances of us lucking randomly into the universe we have, with its parameters set the way they are (funnily enough to allow complex life to prosper and consciousness to express itself, hey how lucky!!) is... wait for it... First you take 10 then add 10 zeroes at the end of it, giving 100,000,000,000... then you kinda take that number and multiply it by itself ONE HUNDRED AND THREE FUCKING TIMES. After you have done this, you are left with a number so fucking large that the amount of zeroes it has actually outnumbers every particle in the entire universe. So you have one chance in that fucking incomprehensible number of producing a universe that supports life by chance. How lucky we are!! Whoo! Party!! Fuck off. Chance can suck a fat one. That number is so large, 'mathematically impossible' covers it quite nicely.

Oh but we cant stop there! So right now we've got a one in a number with a universe of zeroes after it that we get a universe like this one that can support complex life. Now we have to have the origin of life on this planet arise through... yup, random chance!! So what chance do we have for that? Well zero. But we'll humor the chance bots on this one. The chances of getting a functional protein required for the simplest known living cellular organism is estimated at 10 to the power of 70. That's one in 10 with 70 zeroes after it. Oh but oops... the simplest living organism needs 200 OF THESE PROTEINS TO FORM, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! THAT'S 10 WITH 70 ZEROES AFTER IT MULTIPLIED BY ITSELF 200 TIMES!!! THEN IT NEEDS THEM TO MIRACULOUSLY SORT THEMSELVES INTO THE CORRECT FUNCTIONING ORDER WITH THE CORRECT CHEMICAL BONDS BETWEEN THEM AND NONE OF THE PROTEINS CAN BE RIGHT ALIGNED AT ALL. I'm sorry, your materialistic assumptions have long since crushed my credulity under the sheer weight of bullshit you are expecting me to swallow here.

GET ME A REAL FUCKING EXPLANATION OR GET FUCKED. And people think accepting the existence of God is somehow intellectually vacuous?? No, it is sensible, when faced with such tenditious bullshit. Chance can go suck on a dick, oh wait... no it can't, chance isn't even a causal fucking agent. It can't DO anything. Randomness can never even be established, so stop defending it and then pretending you're objective and not a faith driven ideologue.

Materialism. Banking on odds so long it is comparable to winning the Powerball jackpot 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 weeks in a row yet still claiming to be sensible. Obviously if materialism was a human being, it would be the guy in the mental ward claiming that he is a fifty six tentacled squid monster from the planet Rygil 87 with powers to transform Purple Jelly Beans into coal. But only purple ones.

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