Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Juelles Scott Blog Crossover :P

Here is my comments on the awesome Juelles and her retrospective of visiting New Zealand. By our awesome commenting powers combined we will surely manage to explode the space time continuum. Original comments from Juelles are marked with my crap noted underneath ;)

Juelles: New Zealand: Australia’s Little Brother

Scott: The cooler, better looking little brother. That doesn't get drunk and punch you in the eye like the older brother does.

Juelles: I spent the last three days in Auckland with my beloved blog icon and friend, Mr. Scott Lovesy.

Scott: No, I did not make that up, she actually said these things. :P

Juelles: Most of the time consisted of me laying around in my pajamas until 1PM refusing to get dressed and stuffing my face with candies supplied by Scott’s mom. And watching cricket (boo) and rugby (surprisingly cool).

Scott: I have nothing to correct with this summation ;) Except one fatal mistake. Bashing cricket. Obviously a game that goes for five days and still might end in a draw isnt exactly everyone's cup of tea... but I like pointlessly long things that waste a crapload of time!! Look at my music tastes for God's sake!! :P I also found it funny to have come home from work after 6 hours of working to find her asleep. Mwahaha. I loved it!!

Juelles: I also engaged in some intellectual conversations about what exactly a kiwi-bird (New Zealand’s official mascot) is:

“It’s like a chicken?”
“But it’s the size of a chicken and it can’t fly”.
“Stupid American”.

Scott: I dont believe I called you stupid. That is not my style. My style is more to roll my eyes and wordlessly IMPLY that you are stupid. ;) But anyway, Juelles' point is utterly self refuting. She even posted a picture of a kiwi bird showing specifically how un chicken like it looks. :)

Juelles: Dude, it looks like a chicken with a long beak. Take that, Lovesy.


Scott: It's BROWN. It's beak is very thin and LONG. It's hunched over and NOT UPRIGHT. Saying it looks like a chicken is like saying a dog looks like a smaller zebra with less stripes.

Anyway. :)

Juelles: It felt nice to chill out, sleep in and recharge my batteries for a few days. Compared to Australia it’s freezing in Auckland. Scott and I rode the bus all over town. We went to the zoo and looked around. We ate at Denny’s which proved to be just as craptastic as it is back home.

Scott: Denny's is so bad that it's good. Mark my words I will never rant against Denny's. It has never done me wrong so far. And yes, Auckland is freezing compared to Australia. But again that's like saying any regular place is freezing compared to the Sahara Desert. I would have thought a better thing to say was that Auckland's weather is kind of like Scott's mood at the world, rough, highly changeable and utterly unpredictable by any form of logic. :P

Juelles: We drove around and ate lunch on the beach. I saw a biker gang at one of the pubs. I am going to puke if I eat any more “chips” (french fries).

Scott: Blasphemy!! You must eat more freedom fries. And some liberty burgers.

Juelles: We spent most of the time driving around, sitting around and eating.

Scott: Which is basically my dream lifestyle, so we cant have gone too much wrong on that one ;)

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