Friday, September 17, 2010

Yet another reason to reject materialism

Was reading an article on music and how materialism has no good explanation for it. Well, that's not unusual as materialism has no good explanation for fucking ANYTHING, but this one struck a bit close to home.

"Note that the choices materialism offers here are

(1) music is useful for food, sex, or murder, or

(2) music is a useless distraction.

Take that, Chopin. We always knews youse was a wimp."

The third option is that music is part of the spiritual nature of the human - and therefore neither useful nor useless in the senses above, but is a road to becoming a fully developed human being. Fucking idiots. Music SOUNDS like emotions FEEL. Art LOOKS like emotions FEEL. Same goes for books and movies. We latch on to these things for many reasons, to quantify the ineffable, to revel in the majesty of concepts and feelings or to get out into the outside world things held on to inside. I am familiar with all these things... not so familiar with using it for food, sex or fucking murder. I'm pissed off now. :P

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