Thursday, September 9, 2010

A piece that I'm using for my book, and thought I'd share. I think it's okay myself. Also stay tuned for some cool Fiji stories and more rants ;)

When my heart stops
Will my wings unfold?
Will you know that I had
No one but you?
When my eyes close
Will your blood grow colder?
Did you know that I had
No one but you?

Within the snow veil
Where we made our promise
In the cool, white air
And I stood to abide

But now when the road turns
Will my ghost find freedom?
Will you know that I had no one?
So I...

Sold my love
Forgot the vow
I tried to feel
But nothing came to mind
I bore the weight
And sung
Of the white cloud over my grave

And now I know
That it killed me when I could not have you
And I have sold my heart

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