Monday, September 13, 2010

Paranormal Dreams about Physics (I'm Weird)

Yes, I realise this isnt going to do much for my already low social regard. But fuck em. Last night I had a dream that I was in contact with famous deceased Nobel Prize Winning physicist Richard Feynman. He was attempting to explain to me how different areas of space in the universe actually have different properties and maybe even different physical laws in operation. (I have come across this theory in my waking life before, but only superficially and didn't pay much attention, possibly my subconscious took it on board, but doubtful. I also had only read about Feynman once or twice in books)

I badgered him with a bunch of impertinent questions which he reacted to in a slightly mocking yet humorous fashion. Reading on Wikipedia this seems to be a central facet of his personality while he was alive. He ended the conversation by saying that he believed God created the universe. Then I went on to have a different dream about fighting monsters with dragons and being in love. The weird thing is that I'm sure I'd never seen a picture of this guy before and when I woke up and plugged him into google images, he looked exactly the same as in my dream.

That's right people, I have the spirit of a Nobel Prize winner at my beck and call. Post questions and I'll relay them on next dream I have. Hahahaha.

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