Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Survival of Consciousness

This is a VERY different topic from the usual humour presented here, but I thought I'd drop it in for everyone interested (which really should be EVERYONE). The past 3 years I've been doing A LOT of reading on this topic and found that not only is there evidence for the fact that we are immortal and our consciousness will survive death, there's a fucking BOATLOAD of it. Just one more reason to despise the mainstream news and mainstream society for systematically covering it the fuck up to protect their precious materialism which causes pretty much every problem known to man.

By now I'm pretty much an encyclopedia of knowledge on survival, psychic phenomena and the paranormal (and the arguments against these things, which tend to you know, be shallow as a paddling pool and easily rebutted). The main reason these things aren't widely accepted is because nobody really knows the evidence, and whenever tidbits are provided on the news there's always your token materialist skeptic who gets wheeled on to make some bad arguments that have zero evidence behind them. The record shows that pretty much every scientist/priest/lawyer whoever who decided to systematically investigate the topic came away convinced of the phenomena. So here is some recommended reading for those interested.

1. Entangled Minds by Dean Radin PhD.
2. The Sense of Being Stared At by Rupert Sheldrake PhD.
3. Parapsychology and the Skeptics by Chris Carter
4. Evidence of the Afterlife by Jeffrey Long M.D
5. The Articulate Dead by Michael Tymn
6. Life Before Life by Jim Tucker M.D
7. Your Eternal Self by Craig Hogan PhD.
8. The Promise of Psychical Research by Lawrence LeShan PhD.
9. The Medium, The Mystic and the Physicist by Lawrence LeShan PhD.
10. Irreducible Mind by a bunch of people (if you have the patience for a 700 page book demonstrating in excruciating detail how the brain does not produce consciousness haha)
11. The Synchronised Universe: A New Science of the Paranormal by Claude Swanson PhD.

That should do for a start ;)

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