Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Next Rant

If you will but take a look to your right you will see that this month has been unusually productive here on the GBA. (Public Service Announcement: The Greatest Blog Alive has recently been scientifically evaluated by a collection of highly trained PhDs. They unanimously came to a conclusion that it IS in fact the Greatest Blog Alive. They also liked the 20s I slipped them before they finalised their reports)

Soon the ball will be kept rolling with Part 877 of my never ending and by now extremely fucking tedious ranting. But you are the suckers who keep reading so apparently you know best. On the NEXT EPISODE... Batman and Robin have been strapped to THE CONVEYOR OF DEATH BY THE RIDDLER!! DOOM IS NIGH!!! HOWEVER WILL THEY ESCAPE!! DAMN THAT RIDDLER!!! HE'S SO FIENDISH!!!

Uh... I mean, on the next Rant topics dealt with will be; Ambition and how it is a pointless waste of time. Also, Idiots who believe the shit they hear on the news, the RETURN of more fucking swine flu bullshit hysteria and how Reality TV has gone to shit. See you soon ;)

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