Friday, August 13, 2010

Lost In Translation

So I was looking over my photos from my Europe tour a few years ago, and came across something that reminded me of an incident of great hilarity.

Myself (a New Zealander), two Australians Ed, Thomas and one American (Juelles) were sitting in Prague outside coffee shop with one of those gas powered heating towers providing warmth in the negative degree temperatures. I remark that those towers are "like things you put on your deck". Juelles almost spits out her drink exclaiming "WHAT?!?!?!". The Aussies do nothing, realising the nature of the Kiwi accent. However, my statement had got lost to our darling friend Juelles who heard the word 'deck' as something else entirely. ;)

I was perplexed for a second... and then the realisation dawned. Uh oh, she thinks you're a weird ass pervert ;) Hilarity ensued.

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