Thursday, July 29, 2010

Survivor: Space Station. The new frontier in reality TV.

That's right, today I am campaigning for the next frontier in Reality TV entertainment. 16 Americans, marooned on a space station. Forced to compete with one another to win the million dollar cheque and a place on the shuttle back to Earth.

Every three days there will be a vote. But here, there will be no voting of people off the island. Here, there will be voting of people INTO ORBIT. Each cast off will be loaded into the cargo bay and ejected into the void of space. Well really it serves them right, they should have won immunity.

The survivors will be forced to scrounge for space food, pre packaged into tiny cubes because you cant have real food in space, otherwise it'll go everywhere. Challenges will be things like the inevitable "How long can you stand on a pole in zero gravity" and the "Hold your breath in space for the longest" extravaganza. And oh boy you had better outwit, outplay and outlast because the show's budget only covers one shuttle trip back to the space station, and the shuttle has only 3 seats, and one of those is for Jeff Probst, because someone needs to be the first to ask annoying and inappropriate questions in space.

Rewards for the reward challenges include such once in a lifetime experiences as a day's playing golf on the moon and your very own Moon Rover. However, be aware that in Survivor history no one who has won the Moon Rover has ever gone on to become the sole survivor!! Obviously the survivors will be divided into two tribes 'The Beta Reticulans' and 'The Arcturians'. Be on the lookout survivors, because hidden somewhere on the space station is hidden the all important Immunity Space Helmet!!

It's ratings gold I tell you. And I want a cut for coming up with the idea. Some may have to go to Dave as well.

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