Saturday, June 26, 2010

First World Problems

Do you know what REALLY annoys me??

When people complain about meaningless shit. Seriously, not a day goes by when I'm not infected by someone with no fucking clue trying to explain to me why their first world problems are somehow noteworthy.

Get some damn perspective for God's sake. While you're whining your ass off about how your salary isnt enough to afford that flat screen tv you've been wanting, people in the Gaza strip are being turfed out of their homes with nowhere to go and living in squallor. While you're bleating about how the traffic is such a fucking inconvenience another family who cant afford to feed their kids is wondering what they're going to do to get by. Here's a hint. Unless your name happens to be A. Stewart, D. Jamieson or someone you love has died unexpectedly or you're losing your house dont expect me to give a shit when you cant put your banal trivialities in context.

And if you're dead set on making your own life miserable, at least don't screw over others by involving them in it. Your problems are like the world we see out there. Illusory, fake and total fabrications of reality. Be happy. Tell someone you love them and appreciate them. Don't waste our time and your energy complaining about things that dont matter.