Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Stupidity Part 2 - Change You Can Believe In

Alright so now that we see how bafflingly pointless the things we take for granted in our lives everyday really are... where do we go with this? Well I propose that you all follow my lead, tell your friends and family and we all start a movement to usurp the entirety of organised society. Here are my proposed solutions for each category of stupidity that I outlined in Part One.

1. Money and The Market

Well the obvious thing to say would be to demolish the market, wipe out the worldwide stock exchange and abolish all forms of monetary currency. Back in the old days, when people wanted things, they traded things they had that the other party wanted for it. OR they performed services for the person in exchange for the good or service they required. It seems to be that adding money into the equation just adds an unnecessary step in this previously established process and complicates things needlessly. So one proposal is to simply go back to this.

Another would be to abolish the notion of personal ownership of goods, or at least redistribute unused possessions. For example... why on Earth does each house need its own washing machine? You could easily get 5 of your neighbors together and share one washing machine between them, on a fixed schedule basis. That way you can give the other 4 washing machines to households and places that don't have them. There's shitloads of other things that this same thing could be accomplished with. All service institutions from hospitals to hairdressing becomes free, with people working in these areas based on their own skill/passion/desire to do so. To avoid societal slackness there shall be a central record kept of working peoples, and those not working who are not mentally or physically disabled or aged are denied access to aforesaid institutions. Whatever you do as a job must have some sort of benefit to society, and should be based on ability/desire, be it bricklaying, teaching, writing, painting, music, hairdressing, healthcare, charity work whatever. To all the people crying 'EEK SOCIALISM', I reply with a simple 'EEK CAPITALISM'.

2. Sports (in this case, soccer)

I am not proposing the abolishing of sports. They are fun, they don't hurt anybody and they provide entertainment for a great number of people (including me). However, what I am proposing is that there should be no case EVER where someone who plays a game is getting paid more than a teacher or a doctor. Of course if there's no money anymore this is a moot point. People should not have to pay or trade anything to be allowed access to watch sports live. If there is overwhelming demand for tickets to certain games, people can apply to a centralised ballot system, where the seats are allocated randomly. People who miss out get priority for the next game they wish to attend to keep things fair.

3. National Pride / Citizenship

To solve this problem I draw your attention to the example of the United States. Yes, I know, I bet you didn't expect that one. But think about it. Prior to the establishing of the US, each separate state was governed separately, had different rules and often conflicted and went to war with other states. Then they were incorporated into different segments of the same overall entity. They still had separate administration and differing practises and institutions BUT they were crucially now a part of a greater whole. Ever since then... have you ever heard of Chicago going to war with Texas? Or Oklahoma going to war with Kentucky? NO. So simply incorporate the countries into a disparate aspects of a unified whole which would obviously be the Planet Earth. Thus, each person would be a citizen of Earth first, and a localised inhabitant of a certain place SECOND. Sign a treaty whereby any nation state acting outside the newfound but general World Charter of the Conduct of Human Affairs will be policed by a centralised police force that is not controlled by any one country but is allocated to blocks of 20 countries on a 2 year rotational basis.

4. The Lottery

Well here's an easy one. GET RID OF THE FUCKING LOTTERY. Instead I have a heart warming replacement. Everyone who wishes to contribute to the New Charity Lottery can donate goods, clothes, books, CDs, household goods, whatever they want to a weekly collection. Every week a draw will take place where a worthy charity is drawn out and the donated goods are divided proportionally among the 'winning' charities. Charities can apply for the Lottery and then people when donating their goods can vote on which charities should be admitted to the Lottery. I can see people disagreeing with my first 3... but I can't see anyone disagreeing with the premise of this one.

5. Relationships / Marriage

This one wont be an easy fix. The current generation are conditioned to the batshit structure of relationships and marriage as it now stands. People must get over the notion that the one you love showing affection for other people is somehow a slight on them. The solution to this is a comprehensive social learning platform for both adults and children. From birth children can be shown that a: It's okay to have love for more than one person, b: It's important to conduct relationships with honesty and zero emotional game playing and abuse, c: There isn't anything wrong with exclusive relationships, but it is necessary to declare explicitly your desire for one and then give the other party the choice of whether to agree or not. Thus, the usual exclusive relationship is no longer the archetype but is a mutually agreed upon choice that two parties make. and d: The human body is not something to be ashamed of and we need to get over our sexual demonisation. It may take a generation or two... but it would be ultimately worth it.

Marriage is an easy fix. Leave marriage as an option, but base it on FREEDOM instead of RESTRICTION. How obvious is this? Promising to love each other forever is beautiful and is to be encouraged. Promising to abide by a code of conduct and behaviour based on restriction and financial and emotional entrapment? Not so much. Promising to have love and respect for each other and their freedom forevermore I firmly believe is doable. The other one is unreasonable and cant be expected of anyone. So by all means keep the ceremonies and the purity of love. But get rid of the fucking red tape.

So there you go. Are these perfect? No. Are these even good? Well that's up to you. But I would be a hypocrite to simply state how shit things are without proposing alternatives. So let's march people... it's revolution time ;)

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