Friday, May 14, 2010

The Pointlessness of it All

I have an interesting anecdote to share.

There was a man who lived on a tropical island. He was a laid back sorta guy. He spent his day fishing for 3 hours then relaxing in the sun, and at night he'd go and socialise with friends. One day a man visiting the island observed him relaxing and said:
"You know, you should spent 6 hours a day fishing instead of 3. Then you would catch more fish. Eventually you could expand and get another boat, and hire someone else to fish as well".
"Then what would I do?" the man asked.
"Well then you could eventually over time build up a flotilla of fishing vessels, each bringing in fish. Eventually with enough time and effort, you could become a millionaire."
"Then what would I do?" the man asked.
"Well then you could retire and spend your time relaxing in the sun and socialising with friends".

There you go people. Kinda puts our epic society fail in perspective. Keep that in mind next time you see an unemployed person mooching off the system and doing nothing. He's officially 20-30 years ahead of your stupid ass.

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