Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dammit, Tiger Woods Didn't Win

I'm pissed that Tiger Woods didn't win the Masters. Man how awesome would that have been? To see all the fairweather moral supermacists in outrage, pretending that they've got such higher standards and have never done anything inappropriate in their lives... that would have been awesome.

Craploads of men have cheated on their wives. Craploads of wives have cheated on their husbands. Why is it considered so wrong? Because society is stupid and can't get over unrealistic expectations. It is possible to make a promise to love someone for a lifetime and stick to it. It is not possible to create a series of boundaries, restrictions and codes of conduct surrounding this and fulfil a promise to stick to it. It is also possible that not sticking to these regulations doesn't make a jack squat of relation to how one feels about their partner and the esteem they hold them in. Put restrictions of expression onto a free being and they will eventually rebel. It's fundamental. So stop acting like someone is lesser than you for refusing to live in a behavioural prison.

Go Tiger Woods, you're a good man.

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